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We have been fortunate to receive several awards for the design of this web site. As the actual content contributes a great deal to winning these awards, a big thank you is given to all those who have sent in their information.

Please note however that the most important awards are from you, the visitors,
so please continue to send in your feedback.

The following is a sample of some of the many comments received - in order received
Roland Hopper

For several months now, I have been looking here there and everywhere for a marriage of a James Sampler and Nancy Hopper in Parke County, Indiana on March 14, 1833. (Indiana State Library Genealogy Division "S - T" Indiana Marriages Through 1850.

And now, just by chance,while randomly searching the LDS family search site, I found in their International Genealogical Index, Nancy Hopper married to James Sumpter on 15 Mar 1833 in Parke County, Indiana. The Sumpter surname lead me then to the RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Clampett Family Centre. I am amazed. A fantastic and wonderful Family Centre it is. And Nancy is the only Hopper surname.

Gary M Collins What a delight to find your great site. I am a Clampitt descendant AND a gay man AND a minister. God! what a combination, huh?!
John Clampett,
Watertown, Connecticut
Wyndham, Thank you for the pictures. I hope your health is improving and that work will pick up for you. You have done a tremendous service for the Clampett family worldwide with your web site.
Mary Clampitt
Washington DC
Dear Wyndham: Thanks for this and for all you have done this year. The
things you have amassed are things I had been wishing somebody would do

Adam Clampet
Huntingdon, PA

Hey Wyndham the site is looking awesome. I am glad to have helped you.
Helen Pampling
Thank you for all the work and effort you have put into the Clampett Family Centre. It's very much appreciated. The website is looking very impressive but it's also very informative which IMHO is of more value - although I must admit that I do not find the new family tree as intuitive as the earlier one that you had.
Jerry Clampet Philadelphia, PA I thank you for all of the work that you have done ... and are doing to facilitate the gathering & distribution of our family history.
June Weaver Just happened to notice your website, which is very informative ......I've spent years trying to document her as the daughter of the Rev. Thomas Atchley. Could you please tell me where you found the documentation for this?? I would really appreciate it.
Mary Campbell Worley Just wanted to thank you for all your work on the Clampett/Clampitt family I did not have any information on the Clampett family until I found your site..... Thanks again
André de Guise
Thank you for your message. I have visited your site, which is very impressive.
Cindy Reeder Hi ...thanks for responding so fast and for all the hard work!!!!! It is really appreciated.
James Ewing Clampett I think the web site is awesome and I really appreciate all the work you've put into it.

Kathleen Lennon
Monument, CO

Thank you for all of your hard work. A piece of the puzzle at a time!
peter Loveys
New Zealand
I have just found your website. (It was recommended to me by a Mrs William Henry Clampitt of Washington DC who I understand has also recently found the site). You are to be commended and I look forward to spending more time exploring it.
Greg Clampett
South Africa
I browsed your site yesterday out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised to find that I existed on the net. I would like to give you some information to further complete at least part of the family tree.
Michael Clampit You have done a great and laborious job with the Centre since I last checked your website. Congratulations
Kim Livingston VandeBogart I have found quite a bit of info about my family and my husbands' family on your website. It is so awesome and mind boggling!!!!!!!!
Jim Groat First allow me to congratulate you on your excellent work in research and on building your site.
Nancy L Wilkinson How excited I was to see your information on Mary G. Nickols. .... I do have lots of stories about the Clampettes. Did you know that Les and Jes Clampette were moonshiners and had to go to prison for moonshining?
Janice Veaverjveaver Thank you so much for the Dempster/ Templeton information in Gendex...... It's always exciting when I find relatives
Suzan Freeman You have a nice very comprehensive website one of the most interesting I have visited.
Lin Martins I have just started searching our genealogy. Our mother (now 79 yrs) has been working on/off with it since she was 13. We have some dates-wills, etc. but I want to tell you that the work you put into this web site is incredible. I am now searching to try and match the names we have. Where did the list come from? Is is just the US? Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Susan Reed I find the site format and organization very helpful in quickly researching references in your site without wasting time. Although the Glover and Davis links I have been researching are not connected to your genealogy, I am interested in the framework on which your site was designed because of its efficiency. Do you share the format data for creating this site or is it private? Please advise.
Connie Marie Clampett Breneman I love that title "Webmaster". It sound mysterious. Anyway I am Connie Marie Clampett Breneman. I just found out two days ago that there is a Clampett website. I just cannot believe it. I think some of the info was in a roundabout way given by me and I did not know.. This is absolutely exciting. I just can't believe it.
Robert Clampett, Jr You are putting together a first class site. I know because I have been looking at a lot of sites.
R. Hugh Simmons I quickly looked through your Clampett Family website - it really is quite detailed! You are the first international contact I have had since getting involved in genealogy research over the Internet!! It really is a small world.
Judie Caroleo Visited your website and am anxious to get more time this weekend to give it the thorough look-through it obviously deserves.

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