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This site started life in January 1999 as the Clampett Family Centre when I realised that researching family history was all very well, but that it was better to be able to share it with everyone.

The primary intention of the site is to publish all that is known about the family story, including the family tree and, as a place where members of the family can get together and meet one another and share information.

Since it's inception, the site has attracted a great number of visitors, many of whom have found information about family members that they had never known about. I personally have met several members of the family and other genealogists, some of whom have become good friends. Further details about the development of the site over the last few years can be found in the News section.

The site now offers services to members of the family - such as email, web space, etc and in 2002 acquired several additional domain names with different spellings of the family name. Click here for more details.

If you require any additional information, please read the "contacting the webmaster" page and the Frequently Asked Questions page.

The web site is undergoing considerable re-development and further details can be viewed here.

Link Graphics

QBullets have been used on this site to add additional information about links before they are used. Read more about these here.

Domain Registration

Whois is a service that provides details about the registration of web domains. Click on the links below for the details.

Programs and Tools

If you are interested to know what software programs and tools were used in the development of this site, have a look at these pages.


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