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Link Graphics

QBullets have been used on this site to add additional information about links before they are used. They tell you what a link will do before you click on it.

QBullets are a collection of icons that are attached to hypertext links to indicate their function and, the following table describes them further.

Some QBullets are animated. Point your mouse at a link to see the QBullet move!

Navigational Cues

OutLink Links to a different Web site, opens in a new window - usually placed next to a link which opens in the same window, offering the option to open in a new window
Scroll Up Links to another place further up on the same page - usually the top of the page
Scroll Down Links to another place further down on the same page - usually the bottom of the page
New Window   Links to a page in a new window - usually a pop-up window or a page without the site navigation

Multimedia Cues

Acrobat   Links to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file
Flash   Links to a Flash web page
Real Media   Links to a Real media movie or sound file
Sound Downloads and plays a digital sound file
Movie Downloads and plays a movie file
3D Media 3D movie glasses connect you to a VRML page or other 3D media
Word   Downloads a Microsoft Word document
Excel   Downloads a Microsoft Excel document
PowerPoint   Downloads a Microsoft PowerPoint document

Content Cues

Definition   Links to a definition or glossary entry
Note Links to a short note (like a footnote or a popup note)
Help Links to helpful instructions
Info   Links to information. Helpful for differentiating links. For example, Product links to product info, but Product starts a download.
Form Links to a page with a form
Search Links to a search page

Net Services Cues

Secure Page Links to a secured, encrypted page, often an order form
Log-in page   Links to a page that requires password authentication
Email Link Creates an email message
Download File Begins to download a file to your local disk
FTP Directory Links to an FTP directory from which you can select a file to download
News Links to a News site
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