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Some of the programs used in the development and maintenance of this site

Legacy - I have been using a genealogical program called Legacy for a while now and I can strongly recommend it to everyone. Other people I have recommended it to have become enthusiastic users themselves. Do give it a try - they have a free fully-working version.

Legacy 5.0 is a full-featured professional genealogy program that helps you track, organize, print, and share your family history. The user interface is easy-to-use and is always intuitive. The individual input form includes room for vital information plus an unlimited number of events, notes, and pictures. Reports include the typical ancestor and descendant charts as well as relationship diagrams, timelines, surname summaries, census forms, and family history books. The To Do List makes it easy to track research and other tasks. Links to the Internet let you quickly search for anyone among billions of names. Legacy's merge capabilities are second-to-none among genealogy programs. The program imports and exports standard GEDCOM files as well as directly reads PAF files. You can customize nearly everything in Legacy. Other features include Search and Replace, Spell Checking, Source Documentation, Repositories, Relationship Calculation, Web Page Creation, Name Tags, and much more.

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DHTML Menu Builder - The program I use to create the menus LinkOpens in a new Window
AlbumWeb Pro - The program I use to build the Photo Albums LinkOpens in a new Window
Fluid Search - The search engine on the site. It has an automated web install and the support has been outstanding

LinkSleuth - FREE from Xenu The links on this site are checked regularly and this is one of the tools used

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