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Rogues and Villains

Like all families we have a few black sheep, but research so far has only uncovered a few.

Name Clampet Elias
County Gloucestershire, England
When tried Lent assizes
Crime stealing sheep
Sentence death - reprieved 1816 HO 27/12
Les and Jes Clampette were moonshiners and had to go to prison for moonshining
Catherine Anne Clampet - b 1819 American Civil War: baked poison pies after 12/13 year old child was shot. 182 On web sites I've read that there was a "HIT LIST" after the Civil War, put out by the feds, which contained names of those that had been bad ~ does anyone know the names on "this" list? If any list exists ~ I would think my Great-Grams Catherine Clampet Sanders would be on it because of her poison pies that she baked after finding her 12-13 year old child, left at home to mould bullets, who had been shot by soldiers ~ a child she had to bury alone before seeing to her other children AND after baking her poison pies for the next soldiers that came by, in retribution of her sons death.



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