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Earliest Locations

The earliest records found show the family in the south of England in Devonshire.Opens in a new Window Several early references place the early 's in the famous DartmoorOpens in a new Window, in the villages of ChagfordOpens in a new Window, MoretonhampsteadOpens in a new Window, HennockOpens in a new Window and Bovey Tracy.Opens in a new Window

Those who migrated to IrelandOpens in a new Window, settled in the south of Ireland for some time until the early to mid 1800's when they started moving away. The family appeared to be based initially in Bandon in County CorkOpens in a new Window and County LimerickOpens in a new Window which is in the south west, but then moved to the WaterfordOpens in a new Window area - near Cork further east. Note that the only spellings of the name found in Ireland are Clampett and Clampeth.

The family seems to have prospered in Ireland, having a large family home as well as a holiday home on the coast at Dunmore EastOpens in a new Window in County Waterford.Opens in a new Window I have seen photographs which I am trying to obtain to place on the web site. The family were apparently involved in the local cottage industry of glass making and the story goes that they were among the founders of Waterford Crystal.


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