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Irish Roots of the Australian Clampett Family

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Fedamore Clampett’s

Henry Clampett married Mary Duggan in the Catholic Church of Fedamore parish on 27 July 1822, in the presence of Michael Duggan and William Browne.
The baptismal register records six children:

09.03.1826              John                       sps: John Clampett and Margt Hourigan
16.04.1829              Joseph                   sps: John Clampett and Bridget Duggan
22.07.1831              Anne                      sps: Pat and Bridget Duggan
18.04.1834              Anne                      sps: Michl Shaughnessy & Margt Duggan
28.06.1836              Elizabeth                sps: Elizabeth Clampett
03.11.1845              Margaret                sps: Michael and Mary Shaughnessy

The pages of the baptismal register covering 1822-1825 are missing so there may have been, and probably were, more children born between these dates.
Henry Clampett appears in the Tithe Applotment Book for the civil parish of Fedamore, dated 1826.  There were three Clampett households nestled together in the townland (rural subdivision) of Fedamore. Fedamore is the name of a Catholic parish, a civil parish, a townland and a village; all of them radiate out from the same centre to varying extents. 

Their holdings were:
Henry Clampett                                    10.5 acres
John Clampett Joseph                         10.5 acres
John Clampett William                        9 acres

This acreage is in an old measure known as Irish Plantation Measure (IPM).  Henry’s holding would have been the equivalent of about 16 acres of statute measure (land surveys gave the father’s name when it was necessary to distinguish two men bearing the same name.  The traditional way to do so was simply to add it after the surname).

On doing a forward check on these three potential lines in Fedamore townland, Griffith’s Valuation was checked but they had all gone away or died by 1850.
The alternative to this is the following, which takes into account that Joseph and Ellen Clampett named their first son, John David.  This could indicate that Joseph was the son of John and that he named his first child after his father, a common practice at the time.  There is no Joseph son of John on record but there could have been a Joseph son of John in the parish which lies between St John’s and Fedamore – that of Donoughmore in Co Limerick.  This parish has no records prior to 1830 so had Joseph been born there he would not be on record.
The question is: Could he have been born there?  The only record to contain an answer to that is the Tithe Applotment Book for Donoughmore in 1825.  It shows there was another nest of Clampett’s in that parish:

In the town of Drombanny, Henry, William and John had 2 acres each, while a Joseph had just under 2 acres.  The names echo those of the Clampett’s of Fedamore.  Their presence makes one wary of plumping too dogmatically for Joseph of Fedamore.  John of Drombanny was married to Mary Clifford and they had their last child – Margaret – in 1830.

All of the Clampett’s within Co Limerick in the 1820s lived within ten to twelve miles of the city of Limerick.  There were at least six groups of them.

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