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We have been fortunate to receive several awards for the design of this web site. As the actual content contributes a great deal to winning these awards, a big thank you is given to all those who have sent in their information.

Please note however that the most important awards are from you, the visitors, so please continue to send in your feedback. Click here to view Visitors' Comments.

Particular mention must be made of Linda Livingstone and others who have helped check the site to make it as good as possible and, free from errors!

One of the reasons we seek awards is to get feedback from experienced and knowledgeable people and, while getting an award is wonderful, it is even better when we can learn something from the process.

These software programs and utilities were used to help get the site ready for inspection by the Awards Programs and are offered to other Award Seekers in the hope they may find them useful - click here

Listed in order received with the most recent at the top.

An interesting site with much information - for sure an important resource in the web for all interested visitors. Design, quality, content and function are OK - well done

I checked out your site some times and enjoyed it very much. Indeed I found a lot of improvements since your last application. Now the ranking for your site is fixed.

Congratulations: score 86 at the first shot - this means SilverĀ  !!!

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Awarded by the Guild of One Name Studies.Opens in a new Window
Guild of One mName Studies
We have evaluated your website and have decided to award it the Gold Global Web Award.  If you or anyone you know has the name Clampett (or some other spelling of it), then this site is for you!
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Simming Force Gold Award
I've just visited your site. I must say you've done an amazing job. Your site is easy to navigate and thoughtfully planned out.Opens in a new Window
Manitoulin Genealogy Award
Please accept the attached Genealogy Excellence Award from They Live Again for the dual effort of researching genealogy AND putting together a web site to share information with your visitors. Congratulations!Opens in a new Window
They Live Again
Clampett Family Centre has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web AwardOpens in a new Window Unfortunately this site does not seem to be currently available
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Your site Clampett Family Centre has earned the Brujah Haven Bronze Award of Excellence.

Laudation: An extensive and well put together resource site. Information is presented in a logical and orderly fashion. Hard work, dedication and pride are evident. Well done!

Award site no longer active

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The website has been reviewed and has been approved for the A.C. Genealogy Award.

Your site is a great asset on online genealogy!Opens in a new Window
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You have done a wonderful job on your website. Contributions like yours to the genealogy community make internet genealogy a success. Your site is very well organized and complete with valuable records for all genealogists. It is my honour to award you with GenQuest's Family Quest Award.

Thank you for your hard work and dedicationOpens in a new Window

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It is my pleasure to award your site with our Silver Excellence Award. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your heritage with the genealogy worldOpens in a new Window
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We are always pleased to award great genealogy sites with our LifeSpan Genealogy Award! You have worked hard on your site and it shows. What a wonderful place to come and find out about the Clampett Family.

We are always delighted to see wonderful genealogy sites, and yours is fantastic.Opens in a new Window

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On behalf of Misener Genealogy I would like to present you with my website award. Great site, and keep up the good work!Opens in a new Window
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