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Clampett Family Tree

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<Clampet>, Prudence born 1786-1796, Pendleton, Kentucky
<Clampett>, C born Est 1863, Glascow, Scotland?
<Clampit>, Prudence born 1786-1796, Pendleton, Kentucky
<Clampitt>, born Bef 1765, Kent County, Delaware
<Clampitt>, Alice born Bef 1903
<Clampitt>, Ann born Bef 1828
<Clampitt>, Elizabeth born Bef 1753
<Clampitt>, Lilian chr. 28 Sep 1879, St Cleopas, Toxteth Park, Lancashire, England
<Clampitt>, Martha born Est 1829, North Carolina
<Clampitt>, Mary born Bef 1811
<Clampitt>, Miranda born 1815, Kentucky
<Clampitt>, Ruth born Abt 1781, Of, Warren, Huntington, Indiana
<Clampitt>, Susan J born 1840, Indiana
<Clampitt>, Susan born Abt 1829, Of, Warren, Huntington, Indiana
<Clampitte>, Fay M born 17 Jul 1917 died 19 Aug 1991, Houston, Harris County, Texas
<Galley>, Eva born Est 1926
(Braden), Julia ? born Abt 1803, North Carolina died Abt 1875, Howard County, IN.
(Darby), Mary ? born WFT Est 1686-1709 died WFT Est 1733-1797
(Fish), Rehomonde Poisson born WFT Est 1880-1903 died WFT Est 1925-1991
(Frits), Nancy ? born WFT Est 1738-1762, Germany died WFT Est 1786-1851, Virginia
(Jane), Zeola Eliza Zeigler born 10 Mar 1898 died 18 May 1979
(Jordan), Siphrona born 27 Mar 1831 died 26 Jan 1883, Hubbard, Hill County, Texas
(Jordan), Susan born WFT Est 1827-1846 died WFT Est 1848-1931
(Masten)?, Sarah born WFT Est 1669-1696, Delaware County, IN died Abt 1776, Kent County, Delaware
???, Helen
???, Jerry
???, Lila
???, Mildred
[Bulla], ? Buller

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