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Abbot, ?
Abiah, died Jan 1858
Able, David Joshua born WFT Est 1866-1895 died WFT Est 1920-1980
Able, Elmer Word born 4 Sep 1913, Marietta, Mississippi died 9 Mar 1972
Able, Lavilia Victoria born Bef 1871
Abney, Abbie born WFT Est 1860-1882 died WFT Est 1904-1969
Abram, born Nov 1856 died 4 Sep 1943
Abshire, Nancy born Bef 1815
Ackerman, Adaline Drusilla born 20 Jul 1848, New Roe, Allen County, Kentucky died 12 Aug 1929, Lajara, Conejos County, CO
Ackerman, Ann Mary born 27 May 1853, Kentucky
Ackerman, Christine E born Bef 1967
Ackerman, Jacob born Est 1811
Ackerman, Shevalee L born 1846, Kentucky died 1922
Acres, Jodie
Adams, Aaron born WFT Est 1810-1839 died 8 Feb 1907, Wayne Twp.
Adams, Emma E. born 23 Apr 1861, Preble County, OH died 31 Jan 1932, Huntington County, Indiana
Adams, James D born Abt 1870
Adams, Jesse P born Est 1804
Adams, John Hardin Baker born WFT Est 1833-1862 died WFT Est 1887-1947
Adams, Lena born 1884 died 1 May 1955, Burkett, Coleman, Texas
Adams, Mamie born 28 Apr 1892 died WFT Est 1933-1987
Adams, Robert Rayden born 1 Jul 1910 died 30 Sep 1976, DeQueen, Sevier, Arkansas, USA
Adams, Susie Townsend born 20 Sep 1884 died 20 Mar 1976, Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas
Adams, William J born Bef 1866
Adinolfi, Pasquale born WFT Est 1835-1864 died WFT Est 1889-1949
Adinolfi, Rosamarina born 24 May 1886, San Mango di Piemento, Italy died Abt Apr 1948, Bratenahl, Cuyahoga County, OH
Adsit, Lovina
Aikens, Eva Shinn bur. Illinois, Pike, Pittsfield, West Side Cemetery
Ainsworth, Elizabeth born Bef 1848, Waterford, County Waterford, Ireland
Akers, Mary E born Bef 1848
Akers, William D born Abt 1823
Alden, John
Alder, Mary born Est 1623
Aldridge, J E born Bef 1859
Aleta, Artie born 23 Dec 1912 died 29 Aug 1998
Alexander, Almeda
Alexander, Ann born WFT Est 1748-1771 died WFT Est 1795-1859
Alexander, Annetta
Alexander, Edith Viola born WFT Est 1881-1904 died 23 Oct 1955, OH
Alexander, Frank
Alexander, Hugh born Bef 1861
Alexander, J H born Bef 1889
Alexander, Joseph Newton born Bef 1865, Indiana died 1867
Alexander, Margrette Manervia born Dec 1865, Antiauck, Clinton Or Jay C, Indiana died 23 Jan 1923
Alexander, Virgil
Alford, Vivian Floy born 30 Jul 1938, West Monroe, Ouachita, Lousiana
Allen, Alfred Graham
Allen, Alfred William
Allen, Charles Hobart born WFT Est 1907-1925 died 27 Apr 1958
Allen, Dulce Una born 25 Sep died Jun
Allen, Elizabeth (Ann) born Est 1770
Allen, Elizabeth (Ann) born Est 1790
Allen, Emma Blanche born WFT Est 1850-1872 died WFT Est 1893-1961
Allen, Florence V born Bef 1881
Allen, Florence
Allen, George P born 1 Sep 1867 died WFT Est 1910-1959
Allen, George William born 2 Apr 1894 died WFT Est 1927-1985
Allen, J C born Abt 1850, Alabama
Allen, James born WFT Est 1828-1848 died WFT Est 1862-1934
Allen, Leola Ethyl born 31 Oct 1913 died 28 Oct 1990, Springfield, Greene, Illinois
Allen, Mahala born Bef 1849 died Greene County, Illinois
Allen, Melvin L. born WFT Est 1857-1883 died WFT Est 1908-1970
Allen, Muriel Erica born 12 Aug died 5 Sep 1994, Johannesburg, South Africa
Allen, Robert born 15 Jul 1890, Jefferson County, Illinois died WFT Est 1919-1981, Sesser, Illinois
Allen, Roger William
Allen, Ruth Ellen born 19 Nov 1903 died 1 Nov 1909
Allen, William Alfred
Allen, William Robert born 28 Jul 1922 died 17 Apr 1988, Hamlin, Jones, Texas, USA
Allen, William born WFT Est 1839-1868 died WFT Est 1893-1953
Alley, Samantha Angeline born 13 Mar 1859 died Abt Sep 1877, Jackson County, MO
Alley, Susan C. Jane born WFT Est 1818-1841 died WFT Est 1861-1930
Alsabrook, Asa born WFT Est 1765-1794 died WFT Est 1819-1879
Alsabrook, Charlotte born 1816, Jones County, Georgia died Bef 1905
Alspach, John born WFT Est 1854-1874 died WFT Est 1889-1960
Alsup, Sarah Frances born Jan 1874, Illinois died WFT Est 1903-1968
Andersen, Johanne Kirstine born Bef 1870
Anderson, Bill born Bef 1906
Anderson, Briony born After 1923
Anderson, Charles born WFT Est 1848-1868 died WFT Est 1883-1954
Anderson, Ila Fay born 10 Oct 1917, Monon, IN. died 28 Aug 1989, Kout, IN.
Anderson, Isaac born WFT Est 1823-1852 died WFT Est 1877-1937
Anderson, James Madison born WFT Est 1860-1891 died WFT Est 1917-1976
Anderson, James born WFT Est 1873-1896 died WFT Est 1907-1977
Anderson, Jennie E. born 2 Feb 1874, Blackford County, IN died 10 Jan 1970
Anderson, Jennifer born After 1923
Anderson, John born WFT Est 1790-1810 died WFT Est 1824-1896
Anderson, John born WFT Est 1862-1890 died WFT Est 1903-1973
Anderson, Louise M born After 1885
Anderson, Lucy died 16 Jan 1892, Missouri, Henry, Clinton
Anderson, Mary E.
Anderson, Mayme born WFT Est 1873-1896 died WFT Est 1904-1980
Anderson, Peter born Est 1923
Anderson, Ralph Warren born 26 Jan 1895, North Vernon, IN. died 3 Jul 1946, Wabash County, IN
Anderson, Robert W. born WFT Est 1828-1855 died WFT Est 1878-1942
Anderson, Rose born WFT Est 1883-1906 died WFT Est 1888-1987
Anderson, Sam born WFT Est 1883-1906 died WFT Est 1888-1987
Anderson, Sarah born WFT Est 1840-1863, Franklin, Sacramento County, California died WFT Est 1885-1951
Anderson, W. Dale born WFT Est 1884-1910 died 14 Sep 1972
Anderson, William born Abt 1885
Andrews, James Thurman born 24 Feb 1913 died 31 Oct 1984, Lubbock, TX
Andrews, Lester born Est 1920
Andrews, Lester born Est 1940
Angus, Hannah born WFT Est 1806-1826 died WFT Est 1831-1910
Ann, born WFT Est 1600-1623 died WFT Est 1645-1711
Ann, Lucinda born WFT Est 1824-1867 died WFT Est 1850-1947
Ann, Nutie born WFT Est 1842-1907 died WFT Est 1874-1985
Anna, born WFT Est 1803-1834 died WFT Est 1823-1915
Annen, Joe born 24 Sep 1891 died 5 May 1966
Annis, Elmer Stephen born Bef 1915
Annis, Elmer Steven born WFT Est 1870-1896 died WFT Est 1920-1984
Annis, Marian Adelia born 27 Aug 1890 died 31 May 1950
Appel, Johannes Adam born 10 Sep 1732, Usenbron, Hesse, Germany died 1810, Guildford County, North Carolina
Appel, Susanna Catherine born 1762, PA died WFT Est 1800-1866
Apple, Susanna Catherine born 1762, PA died WFT Est 1800-1866
Archdeacon, Mary born Bef 1698
Armstead, Ann born Bef 1803
Armstead, Ann born Bef 1795
Armstrong, Angus born Est 1995
Armstrong, Patricia born 23 Apr 1946
Armstrong, Richard born 1961, England
Arnell, Gertrude Elizabeth born Bef 1915
Arnold, Ann
Arnold, Annie E. born Abt 1874, Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire, England
Arnold, Catharine born Est 1805, Washington County, Texas
Arnold, Catherine born Est 1805, Washington County, Texas
Arnold, F.M.M. born Abt 1863, Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire, England
Arnold, H.E. born Abt 1869, Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire, England
Arnold, H.M. born Abt 1874, Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire, England
Arnold, H.R. born Abt 1876, Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire, England
Arnold, Helen M born Abt 1871, Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire, England
Arnold, Jeremiah Edward born Abt 1844, Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire, England
Arnold, Mary Rebecca born 25 Jun 1875, Town Creek, Brunswick County, NC died 4 Nov 1909, Brunswick County, NC
Arnold, Nellie born Abt 1871, Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire, England
Arnold, Sarah Elizabeth born 3 Mar 1871 died 27 Feb 1895
Ashe, Anna born Bef 1887
Ashley, Cary born Est 1840
Askham, George Walker born Bef 1875
Atchley, Jane born WFT Est 1780-1806 died WFT Est 1836-1894
Atchley, Jemima born WFT Est 1778-1807 died WFT Est 1837-1893
Atchley, Lydia Pauline born WFT Est 1772-1796 died WFT Est 1814-1885
Atkin, Rebecca born Est 1683, Devon, England
Atkins, Elizabeth born Bef 1879
Atkins, Lewis born 1785 died 1865
Atkins, Richard born WFT Est 1768-1788 died WFT Est 1802-1874
Atwell, Mary born Bef 1856
Atwood, Dana Elizabeth born 2 Jun 1970
Atwood, Douglas Eugene born 30 Jun 1974
Atwood, Evelyn born Bef 1924
Atwood, Wesley
Aulthaus, born WFT Est 1824-1853 died WFT Est 1850-1935
Ausbern, Banjmin F born Bef 1854
Ausbern, Benjmin F born Bef 1854
Ausbrooks, Effie Bell born WFT Est 1873-1896 died WFT Est 1918-1984
Autonberry, Ginger
Avery, Elizabeth born WFT Est 1690-1713 died WFT Est 1735-1801
Avery, Sue Anne born 14 Apr 1964, Bryn Mar, PA
Ayers, Andrew born WFT Est 1841-1874 died WFT Est 1867-1954
Aynnell, John born Bef 1677
Ayres, Charles Wilbur born 25 May 1870, Farlinville, Kansas died 2 Dec 1948, Denver, Colorado
Ayres, Perc. born WFT Est 1819-1848 died WFT Est 1873-1933
Aysh, Ethel Dunning born Est 1878

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