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Ulmer, George born 5 Nov 1853 died 1922
Ulmer, Rena Belle born 14 Mar 1877, Wells County, Harrison Twp., IN. died 25 Nov 1971, Wells County, Bluffton, IN
Ulrey, Lizzie born WFT Est 1880-1900 died WFT Est 1901-1984
Ulrich, Mary born WFT Est 1862-1885 died WFT Est 1907-1973
Ulrich, Sarah E. born WFT Est 1868-1887 died 1925
Underhay, Phillipa born Bef 1749
Underhill, Samuel born Bef 1783
Underwood, George Bates born WFT Est 1873-1902 died WFT Est 1927-1987
Underwood, Nellie Mae born 20 Aug 1924, Cleveland, Bradley County, Tennessee died 23 Mar 1978, Norwalk, Los Angeles County, CA
Underwood, Sheila
Usher, William born Est 1777
Uterback, James born Bef 1837
Utter, David Julian born 15 Nov 1854, Kosciusko County, IN. died 9 Nov 1933, Akron, Fulton County, IN
Utterback, James L born Abt 1819
Utterback, Mary Eliza born Abt 1821, Indiana, Jackson County died 25 Mar 1841, Indiana, Jackson County
Utterback, Melissa born 1839 died 1928

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