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Clampett Family Tree

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I., Calpurnia born WFT Est 1832-1850 died 23 Jun 1867
Ian, born 26 Jan 2000, Lewes, DE
Icenhower, William C born Bef 1873
Imhoff, born WFT Est 1858-1887 died WFT Est 1869-1969
Impson, Deborah
Impson, W A born Bef 1883
Infant, born WFT Est 1873-1902 died WFT Est 1879-1984
Infant, born WFT Est 1859-1885, St Clair County, Illinois died WFT Est 1865-1968, St Clair County, Illinois
Ingeborg, born WFT Est 1876-1899 died WFT Est 1921-1987
Ingram, J G born Bef 1882
Inlow, Dorothy F born 7 Jan 1910, Little River, Rice, Kansas died 16 Aug 1996, Kansas
Inlow, John Edward born 27 Jul 1881, Hannibal, Marion, Missouri died 13 Oct 1958, Lindsborg, Mcpherson, Kansas
Inlow, John Elliott born 27 Dec 1824, Kentucky died 13 Mar 1908, Marshall, Saline, Missouri
Inlow, Lawrence Edward born 1 Jan 1905, Slater, Saline, Missouri died 29 Sep 1983, Independence, Montgomery, Kansas
Inlow, Orville E born 16 Apr 1906, Slater, Saline, Missouri died 20 Apr 1928, Langley, Ellsworth, Kansas
Inman, John born WFT Est 1749-1781 died WFT Est 1806-1868
Inman, Lucretia born WFT Est 1785-1809 died WFT Est 1828-1897
Irelan, Laura Kathryn born WFT Est 1861-1900 died WFT Est 1894-1985
Irick, Celectia Ann born 29 Jan 1854, OH died 1 Oct 1933, Huntington County, Indiana
Irick, George B. born WFT Est 1838-1867 died WFT Est 1892-1952
Irick, Joseph born WFT Est 1803-1832 died WFT Est 1857-1917
Irick, Matha E. born 20 Jul 1889, Huntington County, Salamonie Twp., IN died 26 May 1976, Seattle, King County, WA
Ironmonger, Margaret born WFT Est 1744-1763, Barnwell County, South Carolina died WFT Est 1765-1848
Irvin, Helen born Abt 1905, Wisconsin died 1971, Illinois, Cook, Chicago
Irvin, Tersa Belle born Bef 1879
Irwin, Belle
Irwin, C. W.
Irwin, Elizabeth born Bef 1875
Irwin, Elizabeth
Irwin, James
Irwin, Nancy born 27 Feb 1799, Guildford County, North Carolina died Sep 1865, Warren, Huntington Co., Indiana
Isom, Anna born 1882 died WFT Est 1911-1976
Isom, Ira born WFT Est 1859-1879 died WFT Est 1894-1965
Isom, James Ira born Bef 1924

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