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Vachta, Charlie born 20 Jun 1889 died 30 Aug 1953, Protivin, Iowa
Vachta, Frank born 1890 died 1930, Protivin, Iowa
Vachta, Fred born 12 Feb 1891 died 10 Jul 1964, Protivin, Iowa
Vachta, George born 25 Mar 1865, Albertice, Czechoslovakia died 6 Aug 1919
Vachta, Jessie born 1899 died 1 Jan 1938, Calmar, Iowa
Vallense, John
Vallense, John born Bef 1656
Vallery, Andy
Vallery, Blake
Vallery, Jason Wayne
Vallery, Jole born 21 Jun 1968
Vallery, Lashay
Van Loh, Rosa B.
Van Matre, Abraham Jennings born Bef 1843
Van Ness, Francis Lafayette born 15 May 1879, Tipton County, IN. died 17 Dec 1967, Fowlerton, IN.
Van Ness, Irl born Abt 1885 died 1957
Van Swearingen, John born WFT Est 1759-1805 died WFT Est 1803-1883
Van Zandt, Evelyne Katherine born 25 Apr 1863, Tupelo, Mississippi died 18 Mar 1941, Paden, Oklahoma
Vance, Adelaide born WFT Est 1853-1873 died WFT Est 1874-1957
Vance, Tony V
Vancil, Albert Decker born WFT Est 1846-1866 died WFT Est 1880-1952
Vaniver, Pearl Jewel born WFT Est 1873-1908 died WFT Est 1907-1992, Atoka, Oklahoma
Vaughan, Mary born Bef 1802
Vaughn, Betsy born WFT Est 1784-1808 died WFT Est 1837-1897
Veasey, Beatrice Lucinda born 1872, Drew Co., Ark. died 1916, Drew Co., Ark.
Veasey, Charles Lee
Veasey, Fannie born Abt 1891
Veasey, Lee born Abt 1899
Veasey, Lovie born 8 Dec 1896, , Union, Arkansas died 2 Aug 1985, Monroe, Ouachita, Louisiana
Veasey, Maggie born Abt 1887
Veasey, Vida born Abt 1889
Venable, Lemuel born WFT Est 1848-1889 died WFT Est 1889-1970
Veprauskas, Anna born Bef 1924
Vick, A. Owen born 10 Mar 1867 died 2 Jan 1922
Vick, John Wells born 3 Jan 1889 died WFT Est 1931-1980
Vickery, John born Bef 1657, Virginia
Vickery, Roy born 5 Feb 1911 died 7 Apr 1978
Vickrey, Betiah\Bethia born 11 Dec 1760, Rowan County, NC died 8 Dec 1850, Decatur Co., Indiana
Vickrey, Charity born Abt 1747, Augusta Co., Virginia died 16 Aug 1837, Guildford County, North Carolina
Vickrey, Christopher born Abt 1740, Augusta Co., Virginia died 16 Apr 1841, Randoph County, North Carolina
Vickrey, Dorcas Earkes born 25 Nov 1755, Rowan County, NC died After 1839, Randoph County, North Carolina
Vickrey, Elizabeth born 11 May 1750, Augusta Co., Frederick, VA died 3 Sep 1833, Randoph County, North Carolina
Vickrey, Hezekiah born 1683, Virginia died 1736, Virginia
Vickrey, Jereter born 8 May 1754, Augusta Co., Virginia died 30 Jul 1849, Preble Co., Eaton, Ohio
Vickrey, John born Abt 1742, Augusta, Virginia died Abt 1833, Randoph County, North Carolina
Vickrey, Marmaduke born Abt 1715, Dorcester, Maryland died 26 Dec 1787, Randoph County, North Carolina
Vickrey, Marmaduke born Abt 1752, Augusta Co., Virginia
Vickrey, Samson born 1 Dec 1757, Rowan County, NC died Abt 1849, Calhoun Co., Mississippi
Vikre, Malene Louise born WFT Est 1892-1916 died 20 Sep 1993
Vilard, Solomon born Bef 1818
Vinsen, Joanne born Est 1962, New Zealand
Virtue, Margaret born Bef 1849
Virtue, Margaret born Est 1829
Vitousek, Mary born 3 Oct 1869, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia died 16 Jan 1936
Vogt, Delphine C. born 26 May 1914 died 27 Feb 1980
Vonasen, Henry born Bef 1799
Vsworthy, Nicholas born Bef 1710

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