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Earp, Afra born Bef 1838
Earp, Afrha (Afra)
Earp, Afrha born 1820, Alabama died WFT Est 1844-1914
Earp, Afrha born Bef 1848
Earp, Benjamin born Abt 1807 died 1837, Seguin, TX
Earp, Cary Lucas Ballenger born WFT Est 1742-1780 died WFT Est 1755-1859
Earp, Cullen Lucas Ballenger born 1763, Virginia died After 1850, Upshur County, TX
Earp, Edward born WFT Est 1712-1741 died Abt 1784
Earp, James born 1797, Georgia died WFT Est 1843-1889, Earpville, Upshur County, TX
Earp, William Lucas Ballenger born WFT Est 1742-1780 died WFT Est 1755-1859
Earp, William born 1800, Georgia died 1874, Gilmer, Upshur County, TX
Eastin, Mary Elizabeth born 4 Aug 1834, Kentucky died 17 Jan 1922, Iowa, Decatur, Pleasanton
Easton, Joseph born Bef 1907
Easton, Margaret born Abt 1863, Indiana
Eastwood, Mary born WFT Est 1769-1789 died WFT Est 1790-1873
Eaton, Dorothy Bearle born WFT Est 1874-1898 died WFT Est 1920-1986
Ebersole, Christiana born 11 Jan 1815, Bethel Twp., OH. died 5 Feb 1855, Wells County, IN
Ebersole, Elizabeth born 6 Aug 1809, Rockingham County, VA died 18 Sep 1837, Clark County, OH
Ebersole, Jacob born 11 Jan 1782, Botetourt County, VA died 27 Sep 1850
Eckert, Laura Mabel born WFT Est 1874-1896 died WFT Est 1917-1985
Eckhart, Irene born WFT Est 1886-1909 died 11 Jun 1979
Eddiger, born Abt 1905
Eddings, Benjamine born 21 Feb 1794, South Carolina died 2 Jul 1853, Madison County, Alabama
Eddins, Benjamin Graves born 23 Oct 1836 died 31 Oct 1914
Eddins, Benjamin born 21 Feb 1794, South Carolina died 2 Jul 1853, Madison County, Alabama
Edgar, Jane born WFT Est 1825-1848, PA died WFT Est 1870-1936
Edington, Wiley Malone born 9 Jul 1921 died 21 Sep 1986, Derby, Sedgwick, Kansas
Edmonds, George born Bef 1876
Edmonds, Robert born WFT Est 1873-1893 died WFT Est 1907-1979
Edwards, Alfred
Edwards, Don born Abt 1884
Edwards, Doris
Edwards, Frederick Arthur born 18 Nov 1887, Paola, KS died 21 Sep 1975, Muskogee, Muskogee County, OK
Edwards, Herbert born Est 1905, Devon, England
Edwards, James William born WFT Est 1868-1897 died 1945
Edwards, Judge John W. born WFT Est 1845-1876 died WFT Est 1903-1961
Edwards, Llewellyn
Edwards, Mary Ann born Abt 1850, New Jersey died WFT Est 1882-1944, unknown
Edwards, Mary Anna born 26 Jan 1886 died WFT Est 1915-1980
Edwards, Patricia born Est 1946
Edwards, Ruth born 10 Nov 1932
Edwards, Thomas born WFT Est 1799-1828 died WFT Est 1853-1913
Edwards, Thomas born Bef 1868
Edwards, Wilf born 28 Sep 1897 died 1982
Edwards, Wilfred Anglin born 28 Sep 1897 died 1982
Edwards, William Powell born Bef 1888, Hereford, England, UK died 25 Mar 1931, Port Elizabeth, , Cape Province, South Africa
Edwards, Winifred Enid born 3 Feb 1930, Port Elizabeth, , Cape Province, South Africa
Egli, Elisabeth born WFT Est 1854-1874 died WFT Est 1875-1958
Ehrmantrout, Florence Z. born WFT Est 1874-1897 died WFT Est 1919-1985
Eichhorn, William Edward born 13 Jun 1877 died 10 Jan 1941
Eichorn, Henry born Abt 1915
Eidson, Millard born WFT Est 1863-1883 died WFT Est 1908-1969
Eikenberry, Ira W. born WFT Est 1839-1868 died WFT Est 1893-1953
Eikenberry, Rena Belle born 26 Nov 1890, Huntington County, Warren, IN died 24 Jul 1987, Kokomo, IN.
Eilers, Leigh Ann
Eilers, Merlin
Eilers, Nickolas
Eilers, William P.
Eiling, Anna born WFT Est 1816-1856 died WFT Est 1848-1938
Eiling, Herman born WFT Est 1786-1815, Ochtrup-Osnabruch, Grandduchy of Oldenburg died WFT Est 1840-1900
Eiling, Maria born 1837, Ochtrup-Osnabruch, Grandduchy of Oldenburg died 1905, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky
Elbert, Wallace born 1 Sep 1889 died WFT Est 1926-1980
Eliot, Edgar born 19 Mar 1870, Paris, IL died 29 Sep 1963, Huntington County, Warren, IN
Eliot, Lou Ellen born 1936 died 20 Jul 1946, Portage Lake, MI.
Eliot, Thalia Ann born 1932 died 20 Jul 1946, Portage Lake, MI.
Eliott, Sarah
Eliza, born Abt 1817 died 3 Jul 1836
Elizabeth, born WFT Est 1711-1731 died WFT Est 1746-1815
Elizabeth, born WFT Est 1711-1748 died WFT Est 1744-1831
Ellacot, George born Bef 1663
Elliot, Hiram
Elliot, John
Elliott, John
Elliott, Mary born Bef 1700
Elliott, Mary born Abt 1686 died 14 Apr 1734
Elliott, Nannie Exemina born 7 Sep 1867, Wickliffe, Ballard County, Kentucky died 11 May 1948, Wickliffe, Ballard County, Kentucky
Elliott, Nannie born Bef 1888
Ellis, Albert born WFT Est 1874-1902 died 1974, Hillsboro, Washington, Oregon, US
Ellis, Elizabeth chr. 9 Oct 1757, Ickleton, Cambridge, England died 21 Jan 1838, Ickleton, Cambridge, England
Ellis, Elizabeth born Bef 1637
Ellis, John born WFT Est 1787-1824 died WFT Est 1813-1902
Ellis, John born Bef 1663
Ellis, Margaret born Bef 1803
Ellis, Mary Ann born Bef 1820
Ellis, Samuel T. born WFT Est 1832-1858 died WFT Est 1882-1946
Ellis, Thomazine born Bef 1704
Elmore, Mary Paralee
Elrod, Martha Ellen born 3 Oct 1854 died WFT Est 1868-1948
Elrod, Mary Fletcher born 9 Jan 1845 died 1914, CO
Elrod, Tabitha Epperson born 25 Jul 1848 died WFT Est 1862-1942
Elston, born Abt 1857
Elston, James Martin born Bef 1876
Ely, Rebecca born WFT Est 1631-1653, England died WFT Est 1675-1740, Mercer County, New Jersey
Emerson, Floyd born 1895 died 18 Apr 1968
Emhoff, Augusta born WFT Est 1870-1890 died WFT Est 1905-1974
Emily, born WFT Est 1811-1830 died WFT Est 1832-1915
Emlen, Ann born 1774, Philadelphia, PA died 1844, Philadelphia, PA
Emlen, Caleb born 1744, Philadelphia, PA died 1797, Philadelphia, PA
Emlen, George born WFT Est 1646-1675, Somerset, England died 1710, Philadelphia, PA
Emlen, George born 1718, Philadelphia, PA died 1776, Philadelphia, PA
Emline, Phoebe born Abt 1868
Endacott, William born Bef 1708
Engle, Tempest B born Abt 1890
Engrelkis, Orla
Ensley, Elly born WFT Est 1817-1840 died WFT Est 1862-1928
Erlwine, Kisha born Bef 1865
Erlwine, Kisiah born Bef 1865
Erwin, Frank A. born WFT Est 1859-1879 died WFT Est 1893-1965
Escott, Mary Ann born Bef 1835
Eshelman, Wardner born Abt 1873 died 24 Aug 1902
Eskridge, Polly born Bef 1799
Estes, James Monroe born 21 Sep died 17 Nov 1954, Coalgate, Coal, Oklahoma, USA
EThomson, Evelyn born WFT Est 1868-1897 died WFT Est 1884-1979
Evans, born WFT Est 1836-1879 died WFT Est 1861-1956
Evans, Charles A V born Bef 1912
Evans, George Henry born Bef 1885
Evans, Jennye born 21 Jun 1912 died 16 May 1995, New Providence, Hardin County, Iowa
Evers, Anna born WFT Est 1831-1863 died WFT Est 1864-1948
Eyles, James William born 24 Apr 1928 died 10 May 1993, Fort Myers, Florida
Ezell, Amanda born WFT Est 1807-1836 died WFT Est 1858-1923

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