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Rout, James Clark born 14 Mar 1824, Holborn, St Andrew, London, England died WFT Est 1825-1914
Rout, Jane Perry born Dec 1814, Holborn, St Andrew, London, England died WFT Est 1815-1908
Rout, Jessie Rosebaum born 2 Jan 1874, Lewiston, Missouri died 22 Nov 1954, Denver, Colorado
Rout, Lena Catherine born 5 May 1880, Lewiston, Missouri died 27 Oct 1978, Salida, Colorado, Chaffee County
Rout, Maude Leslie born 24 Feb 1885, Clayton, Illinois died 4 Jul 1914, Cleveland, Ohio
Rout, Richard Clark born 14 Mar 1824, Holborn, St Andrew, London, England died 23 Oct 1905, Salida, Colorado, Chaffee County
Rout, Ruth Ann born 11 Aug 1876, Lewiston, Missouri died 13 Jan 1969, Denver, Colorado
Rout, Sarah Norris born 15 Feb 1820, Holborn, St Andrew, London, England died WFT Est 1821-1914
Rout, Sarah born WFT Est 1776-1802 died WFT Est 1829-1891
Rout, Thomas Clarke born WFT Est 1768-1801 died WFT Est 1828-1885
Rout, William Norris Clarke born Apr 1818, Holborn, St Andrew, London, England died WFT Est 1819-1908
Router, Samuel W born Bef 1844, Devon, England
Row, Margaret born Bef 1758
Rowe, Hugh born 1878 died 1943
Rowe, Mary Elizabeth born WFT Est 1869-1890 died 20 Nov 1918, Wisconsin
Rowe, Marzee
Rubin, Constance
Ruble, Mary Jane born WFT Est 1845-1868 died WFT Est 1890-1956
Rucker, Lucy born Bef 1824
Rucker, Lucy born Bef 1821
Rucker, Lucy born Bef 1832
Rucker, Lucy born Bef 1834
Rucker, Lucy
Rueve, Gertrude born WFT Est 1797-1820, Tenstadt, Grandduchy of Oldenburg died WFT Est 1842-1908
Rugg, John born Bef 1898
Rugg, Thomas Vacil born 14 Jun 1898, Lagrange, Indiana
Rugg, Vera born Est 1900
Rupright, Alfred J. born 3 Sep 1911, Adams, Illinois died 10 Jul 1995, Wells County, IN
Rupright, Eldon born WFT Est 1860-1889 died WFT Est 1914-1974
Ruse, John born WFT Est 1782-1811 died WFT Est 1836-1896
Ruse, Mary born 20 Mar 1833, Delaware County, IN died 18 Jan 1904, Huntington County, Indiana
Rush, Benjamin
Rush, Mary (?) born 1791 died 1850, Alabama
Rushing, Lou born Oct 1872 died 19 Jun 1934, Burkett, Coleman, Texas
Rushing, Violet born WFT Est 1815-1843 died 6 May 1912
Rushton, Sylvia born Abt 1899, Lancashire, England died 1992, Downside Nursing Home, Newport, Wales
Russell, Alfred born WFT Est 1859-1888 died WFT Est 1913-1973
Russell, Annie born WFT Est 1855-1882 died WFT Est 1904-1972
Russell, Genevieve born 24 Jul 1910, Rockville, Utah died Feb 1985
Russell, Roy born WFT Est 1868-1900 died WFT Est 1909-1980
Russell, Thomas born Bef 1717
Rutherford, James born 1807, Wilson, Tennessee
Ryan, Ethel born WFT Est 1858-1896 died WFT Est 1885-1979
Ryan, Honora born Bef 1828
Ryan, Mary born Bef 1865
Ryan, Susan Joyce
Ryers, June
Rynhart, Arthur born Bef 1932
Ryon, Alice born Bef 1884
Ryon, Alice born Bef 1885

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